Which grind is right?

Coffee is affected by how quickly water can extract flavor compounds from your grounds and by the duration of the brewing. Coarser, larger coffee grounds have less surface area than those that are finely ground. They allow water to flow more freely and they do not give up their flavor as quickly.

Finer grounds, in contrast, have greater surface area and slow the flow of water similar to how water flows through sand much more slowly than over large rocks. When water flows more slowly, it has more sustained contact with the coffee grounds. More contact and slower flow means extraction happens more quickly. This is why we choose faster brewing methods for finer grounds. If we allow brewing to continue for too long after extraction, our brew will become bitter.

Coarse Grind
Coarse grind is popular as it is commonly used in French press coffee. Not only is this longer brewing time perfect to help extraction, but the larger grinds will also not slip through the mesh strainer used in this method.

Standard (Medium) Grind
Your single-cup brewers typically use this grind along with most pour-over brewers. Syphon coffee makers and Aeropress brewers that require 3+ minutes of brewing time also use medium grind.

Espresso (Fine) Grind
Aeropress with 1-minute brew time along with standard home espresso machines and stove-top (Moka pot) espresso machines use a fine grind.

We know coarse grinds are best for long brewing methods and fine grinds are better for shorter brewing methods, but what happens when you mix them up?


When you use a fine grind in a longer brewing process, such as a French press, you will get over-extraction. This means that the brewing water has been allowed to extract too much flavor which will produce a bitter brew devoid of real coffee goodness.

How to Correct Bitter Coffee:

While it might not be possible to fully save your ruined cup o’ joe (cream and sweeteners can only do so much) this time, you can take measures to avoid making the mistake again. If you still have fine grounds leftover, try a different, shorter brewing method.


This usually occurs when you use a coarse ground coffee in a fast brewing method. The resulting brew will be sour and will look closer to dirty dish water than the rich, mahogany cup you were aiming for.

How to Correct Sour Coffee:

You may be able to revive your ruined pot by adding a stronger batch of coffee, but this is often just throwing good coffee after bad. Instead, plan to use a slower brewing method with your coarse grounds next time.


How long does it take orders to ship?

All orders are roast-to-order and hand packed. Our value comes from being able to provide the freshest coffee available on the internet. The coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted on whole bean coffee, and shipped the day after roasting on ground coffee.

Because of this, the coffee orders will take 1-5 business days before our roasters are ready to ship them. Once shipped, it can take an additional 1-5 business days depending on the location via shipping by USPS. All orders come with tracking information that we update your order with.


Do you accept returns?

Returning coffee is not allowed as it is considered as a perishable item. Unless there was an issue such as a damaged delivery. Any express shipping where applicable is not refunded. (Express shipping is Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and other overnight or Express Shipping services). Ground shipping is not refunded unless our shipping department was at fault and your order arrived damaged.

If there is an issue with the product you received, please contact us to make it right.


Why was my order cancelled/declined or taking long to fulfill?

Sometimes we have to accept orders. Order maybe flagged, in most cases, for fraud. If cancelled, we recommend checking to make sure the billing details match what is on file at the bank/payment system you're using. Shopify's fraud prevention can be aggressive, but is necessary to avoid risks. If you believe this is an error, please contact support.